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Subject: Local model drawing sessions!
by Charles Scogins
Good meeting all of you at the Meet-up. I wanted to get a chance to talk to each of you at length and get to hear about you and your art. Unfortunately there just wasn't enough time or space to do so. I had been asked by several people I met about opportunities to draw from life in the area. There is an opportunity to draw from a live model in this city almost everyday of the week except Sunday. I have provided the following list and hopefully we will get a chance to get to know each other, share some art and time drawing or painting. Till then, check out my blog page from time to time or email me directly, I'm always happy to share what ever resources I know of. Some places you might consider looking into are as follows:
The Atlanta Artists Center
on Grandview Avenue in Buckhead has a figure drawing group Monday thru Thursday. $6.00 for Members $8.00 for non-members. The Artists Center is the oldest continuous art organization in the United States, yes some started earlier but they have not remained a continuous presence. So look into this place, they offer great opportunities to connect with other artists, show your work and practice both your art and business skills.
Monday 10am till 1pm Nude Figure
Tuesday 10am till 1pm Portrait and Clothed Figure Group
Wednesday 7pm till 9pm Nude Figure Group
Thursday 11am till 2pm Nude or Clothed Figure Group
Suzy Schultz
has a group that meets in Avondale Estates: $8.00 per session Thursday 5pm till 7pm. It's a small space and you might want to bring your own portable easel and dress warmly!
James Taylor 219 616-6625
runs a group at Metropolitan College on the south side of town. I attend this group every-other week because it's close to home.The group is predominately African American and the only models he hires are as well. I'm talking to him about getting some diversity but it will take a while.
The Apache Cafe Mondays from 7pm till 11pm $6.00 at the door. Kind of a club or cafe atmosphere, the music can be loud and distracting but it's a great place to meet and watch people of the artsy persuasion. It is a very high energy place and a good place to meet a diverse group of artists.
Rodney Grainger has a group that meets in Decatur on Fridays. You'll have to contact him on the particulars.
Additional location added by Allison:
Where: Studio Clout Fine Art Gallery
Join our group of artists every Tuesday!
Who: Artists of all levels
What: Open Studio / Figure Drawing
144 Walker St.
Atlanta, GA 30313
Castleberry Hill
When: Tuesdays from 7-10PM
Additional location added by TRUECOLORVINCE:
Jamaica Flava
A biweekly Figure Drawing/Painting meetup in Decatur...
Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 8:00 PM
2440 Wesley Chapel Road
Decatur, GA
A local Jamaican restaurant owner on Wesley Chapel in Decatur wants to support the arts by sharing her location on a regular basis for an Artists' Meetup. Its seems to be a great opportunity to relax and create works in a communal setting.

Grants and Residencies

Local Printers
These two seem to be the most popular among artists: Digital Arts Studio and Gallery Street
(based on my random discussions with local artists)

Display and sell your art - How to
If you want to make a living selling your art, you must be in business to sell your art. You're an entrepreneur, start small and build up. Look for small venues first and build up to the big venues. Most successful artists and freelancers start by making sales themselves. They look for opportunities for referrals, sales and exposure through their family, friends and ultimately the professional relationships they develop over time. Also, don't under-estimate the power of an online portfolio, it allows you to introduce your work to anyone you speak with and they can look at your work later on their own time. Most of my solo shows have included the curator mentioning that they looked at my website and it was one of the major deciding factors.
Types of venues to consider in rough order of achievement: start with restaurants and non-juried group exhibitions, libraries, business lobbies/waiting rooms, juried group exhibitions, non-profit galleries and arts centers, college and university galleries, local/community museums, festivals, local galleries, these same types of venues out-of-town, and eventually get to the big well-known galleries.
You will need display-ready artwork in a single series of your distinct style for most of these opportunities. If the venue wants 10 pieces, you need 15, and then you present your best 10 to the venue.
Approximate amount of art needed for each type of venue:
- group exhibitions only require one to a few pieces
- restaurants, non-profits and businesses need 5-20 pieces
- community museums and galleries need 10-20 pieces
- you need to fill 30 feet of wall space for festivals
- local galleries want you to have 20+ pieces
- well-known galleries want you to have 30+ pieces and a good resume!

Art Marketing Information with a blog full of art marketing information.
Art Licensing: has an excellent compilation of articles for fine artists.

Art Forms, Legal Resources, and Ideas
  • Free Business Forms For Design & Creative Service Organizations
  • An Elevator Speech - an Indispensable Tool for Self Promotion
  • Writing Your Artist Statement
  • Office Management: These easy-to-use forms will help you with the day-to-day duties of running a busy office.
  • Letter of Agreement ( a starter contract for project based work)
  • Legal Resources:
  • The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) is the nation's leading resource for the self-employed.
  • Legal Guide for the Visual Artist (Paperback) ~ Tad Crawford
  • Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (GLA) is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance and educational programming to artists and arts organizations in Georgia.
  • Ideas:
  • Mind Mapping
  • Weekly 2 do list by Jay Marsh Weekly2dolist-JayMarsh.pdf (152k)

  • Restaurants that display artwork
    Displaying your work in restaurants offers a great way to learn the process of preparing for a show and hanging your work, many will let you have an opening. They usually do not take a percentage of your sales or charge to have your work displayed. But, they are in business to sell food and drink, not art. Many artists have been able to sell some art out of restaurants, but don't count on a lot, and prepare to handle the transaction yourself.
    Java Monkey
    205 E. Ponce De Leon Ave Ste 5, 30030
    San Francisco Coffee
    1192 N. Highland Ave., 30306
    Carpe Diem
    105 Sycamore Place
    Decatur, GA 30030
    Apres' Diem
    931 Monroe Dr. 
    Atlanta, GA. 30308
    Gallery Cafe
    3655 Roswell Rd. NE #108, 30342
    Closed Sundays
    Octane Coffee Bar + Lounge
    1009-B Marietta St. NW, 30318
    Basil's in Buckhead (must be AAC member)
    2985 grandview Ave, 30305
    Solstice Cafe
    562 boulevard SE, 30312
    talk to Sean or Eric

    You will need to fill 30 feet of wall space with your art. Try small, local ones first and learn about tents and displays. Then move to large, also more expensive and harder to get into, ones where you can make money. Not all expensive festivals are good for artists. Any list is incomplete because there are hundreds of thousands of festivals, every town and every city has one and usually multiple festivals throughout the year. Look for the ones that are "fine art" instead of "craft." Network with other artists who are also interested in pursuing this to learn more.
    Most popular application site:
    Festival Listing Sites:
    Sunshine Artist - -
    Ronay Guide -
    Art Fair Sourcebook -
    North GA -
    Huff's Promotions (indoor shows) -
    My compiled listing of individual festivals in the Southeast: Festivals1.pdf

    Public Art
    Public art is not just for large sculptures any more. Painters have created designs that have been fabricated onto tiles (and other outdoor sufaces) to create beautiful public art.

    Consultants are not in business to represent you and your art. They are in business to find art for their clients, who are usually businesses, but can also be individuals. Consultants want to know that representing your art will help them make money, convince them your art has or will easily appeal to their clients.
    Regency House Fine Art
    Art Initiative, Inc.
    Faulker + Locke, Inc.

    Art representatives help find buyers for your art. Some work with individual buyers and others work in the corporate and licensing sector. Some artists have had success in getting clients through this type of service. Always remember: if they have selling art in mind, they won't ask for a big fee up front. They will take a percentage once the art is sold to make money.

    Galleries represent artists and their work and usually stay in business by selling artwork. They will need to feel confident that taking on your art will be a wise business decision, usually before they will represent you and your art.

    "Q: I keep sending my art out to galleries and no one is interested. What am I doing wrong?
    A: If you send your art to galleries you don't know or who don't know you or who aren't familiar with your work, this won't be productive and chances are slim that ever you'll get a show. Or if you send your art to out-of-town galleries without first establishing a local or regional profile, this likely won't be productive either. You have to network in your community, target specific galleries, make sure they sell art that's similar to yours, and be able to state clearly and concisely why your art is right for them."
    -- quoted from:
    Atlanta Area Art Galleries:
    Buckhead Galleries:
    Atlanta Gallery Association:
    Castleberry Hill Art Galleries: